Fail: Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Ring

Name: Angela

Original Inspiration:

What I Did: I chose this because I love bacon egg & cheese sandwiches. It looks wicked easy so I figured this would be a perfect breakfast to make all of the time.

I made the eggs, easy. Got the bacon & cheese, easy.
Rolling out the crescent rolls, not so easy. It was almost impossible to line all of the edges around the bottom perfectly lined up so that the insides don’t fall out. I spent about 20 minutes and went through 2 1/2 packs of rolls because I had to keep moving them around & they were breaking.

Finally I got it (or thought I did). I placed the egg, bacon & cheese inside (which barely all fit, it was falling out of the sides)

I cooked it for the exact amount of time the directions said. The cheese mixed with the inside of the rolls and made this gross spit-up looking concoction. It did NOT taste good either. The eggs were extremely dry from baking in the oven, the weird experiment that was created between the cheese & rolls had a weird slimy texture.

My Result:

Next Time I Will: Probably not use crescent rolls. I also would put the cheese in the egg instead of against the bread so I didn’t get that weird texture. I will stick to dunkin donuts sandwiches from now on!


  1. Random Net Person

    How can Bacon Fail?

  2. allyson

    I made this a few times and enjoyed it. The recipe that I found for it had the cresent rolls in a ring, so there was a hole in the middle. It was a little messy because the egg and cheese would fall out when i was wrapping the crescent rolls around it, but it was manageable. I found that my bacon got a little stiff (because it was cooled) while I was cooking the eggs and placing the rolls on the baking sheet. Therefore, it was very hard to bend the rolls over with the bacon. I decided to chop up the bacon and cook it in little pieces, then mix it in with the eggs after they were cooked- this worked much better.
    I also found that I needed to cook it a little longer. On the top of the rolls, they were nice an brown, but between each rolls, they weren’t quite done.

    • Jenna

      Thanks Allyson! This is exactly what I was hoping would happen with PinterestFail. People would share when a pin didn’t work, and then others would chime in to talk about changes they made which helped create something successful!

  3. Sarah

    I too have made this in the ring form. I cook my eggs so that they are still a little mushy so that they don’t over cook. Also my recipe called for the fully cooked pre packaged bacon. That is pretty flexible so I put that down first, half the eggs, then the cheese, then the rest of the eggs to hold the cheese in. I have a very small mess while doing this! I too don’t time cook it I wait until the cresent rolls are golden brown.

  4. cole

    This doesn’t look that bad actually.

  5. maria

    This looks really good

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